Our responsibilities

BOA acknowledges and honours its responsibilities as a mineral explorer

Boadicea Resources acknowledges the Traditional Owners as the custodians of the land, water and communities in which we operate. We pay our respects to Australia’s First Nations Peoples and to their Elders, past, present and future.

From applying for an exploration licence through to mapping, surveying, soil samples, drilling to discovery, BOA Resources recognises the privilege it is given to explore the lands across Australia.

Almost everything in our lives began its journey as a mineral. From cars, phones, computers, electricity and more – the materials used for all our daily living needs are derived from minerals.

BOA Resources acknowledges the lands of our First Nations people in gaining access to explore for mineral resources to power the future of the world.

We recognise our duties to consult with the landholder and First Nations people.

Furthermore, in every step of the mineral exploration process BOA Resources:

  • manages the environmental impacts
  • protects cultural heritage
  • considers public safety and land use concerns
  • enters into agreements with Traditional Owners (where licences include Crown land)
  • negotiates access and/or have compensation agreements in place with landholders
  • shares information on any activities authorised under the licence
  • provides the community with a reasonable opportunity to express views about those activities.
  • minimises the impacts of drilling operations
  • protects the environment, human health and services.

BOA Resources is genuinely committed to enaging with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities to support the protection of Country.

Boadicea Resources acknowledges the Ngadju People, Untiri Pulka, the Martu People, Nagurrara People, the Jangga People, the Birriah People, Marlinyu Ghoorlie  and the Tagalaka People and all other First Nation people on whose lands we have been or may be provided the privilege to explore to grow the resources for all Australians to benefit.